Standing at the edge of the ocean

Standing at the edge of the ocean, I tell my children the story of how the seas formed 3.8 billion years ago in a great rain that lasted millions of years. Before, there had been no water, only roiling clouds and molten rock. Then the deluge began, eroding the land to form the saltwater thatContinue reading “Standing at the edge of the ocean”

This day in history, 1000 years ago

A coincidence is leading me down the research rabbit hole today. Last night I was reading The Year 1000: What Life Was Like at the Turn of the First Millenium by Robert Lacey, an enjoyable portrait of the daily lives of English serfs just before the Norman Invasion. In 1014, according to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle,Continue reading “This day in history, 1000 years ago”

Bright shiny things

I forgot to take my camera to the beach this morning, always a mistake. Here, instead, is a picture of plastic on the beach, taken a few months ago. And here are two mental pictures taken this morning: A young seagull, brown of feather and a good distance from its flock, holding a plastic sandwichContinue reading “Bright shiny things”