Climate Conversations

A roundtable conversation I hosted for Commonweal on the intersecting global crises of our time, and the language we use to speak of them.
My guests:
Jason Groves, professor of Germanics at University of Washington;
Samantha Suppiah, urban designer and strategist on the Global South, in Manila;
Joan Diamond, Executive Director of the Millenium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere at Stanford;
Ed Saltzberg of the Security and Sustainability Forum in Washington D.C.; and
Steve Heilig, Director of the San Francisco Medical Society and member of the Commonweal Board of Directors

What is it that we need to let die?

Samantha Suppiah
A conversation with Sam Mickey of the University of San Francisco, on the role of religion in cultural transformation, deoxygenation in the ocean, and much more.

“Buddha just means awake. It’s just this one little skill — to wake up — and it just blows people’s minds!

Just pay attention, and when you do the world shows up. And then you’re awake to so much suffering, but you’re also awake to the possibility that you can alleviate that suffering. You can make the world a better place.”

Sam Mickey